Potomac Falls Engagement

I don’t know if you guys know this, but we recently moved to the D.C. area. We have been establishing our photography here as well, which has been very fun!

We had the opportunity to do an engagement shoot in beautiful potomac falls!

We have been there before, but apparently, there are two entrances. A Maryland entrance, which is the one we went to a couple of years ago and a Virginia entrance, which is where we went last month. It is absolutely beautiful there and so peaceful listening to the water falls. If you are in the area, you definitely need to go have a look. At the Maryland entrance, you get a closer view of the falls and at the Virginia location, while you can see the falls, it is at a higher distance.

Here are some pictures from our shoot below.

This beautiful couple was understandably nervous, so we had a lot of fun trying to warm them up. Even Eddie and I as photographer’s are nervous in front of the camera! It did not take them long to get comfortable at all. And they really appreciated our artistic take on things. They allowed us to be us as photographer’s and appreciated our artistic take on things. That’s what we appreciate the most about our clients.

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