Frederick, MD Wedding Photographers

As Frederick, MD wedding photographers, we love doing elopements. They’re so intimate and you really get to know the bride and groom during the planning process. Matt & Rachel were a laid back couple and looking for wedding photographers to cover their special day. It was fun getting to know them and finding out what their wedding would look like. It was a no frills kind of day, which echoed their personalities.

They didn’t let anyone in on the secret that they were going to be married, so it was an honor for us to document this day. The fact that they chose April 1st as their wedding day gave us all a good laugh at the idea of their friends thinking that it was an April Fool’s joke when they finally told them that they got married. Not a single person in their close circle, including their parents, knew that they were getting married that day. We were so surprised that they were able to keep this amazing secret!

It was a pleasure for us to be able to capture a memory that only they would have. Photos that they would be able to show their friends and family as the day that they got married. Since it was in the early days of spring, the temperature was cool and it was a soft overcast day with a little bit of sun peaking through here and there. The wedding was short and very sweet and we took them around the Capital Riverfront by the DC Navy Yard to capture some more photos. We got to get some cool, distant shots of the Washington Capital’s stadium with Matt & Rachel in the forefront. They are fans, so it was special for them.

As Frederick, MD wedding photographers, it’s fun to explore new and exciting areas to take photos. We were able to find some cool spots when we lived in New York and now we are grateful that we have access to so many places in Maryland as well as D.C. One of our times to shoot is when there is an overcast and we couldn’t ask for better lighting conditions. Cherry on top? We got some amazing photos!

See for yourself below!

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